Laptop Motherboard signal and short code usage

Laptop Motherboard signal and short code usage and full form

AbbreviationFull NameDescription/Usage
ACAlternating CurrentPower type
ACDRVAC Adapter to System-Switch Driver OutputOutput from AC adapter to system switch driver
ACEDETAdapter Current DetectorDetects current in the adapter
ACGOODValid adapter active-low detect logic open-drain outputAdapter Good
ACINAdapter Current Sensor InputInput for adapter current sensor
ACNAdapter Current Sense ResistorResistor for adapter current sense
ACOPInput Over-Power ProtectionProtection against input over-power
ACOVInput Overvoltage ProtectionProtection against input overvoltage
ACPAdapter Current Sense Resistor, PositivePositive input for adapter current sense resistor
ADP+Adapter Positive SupplyPositive supply for adapter
ADP_IDAdapter IdentityIdentity of the adapter
AGNDAnalog GroundGround for analog components
ALWPAlways On PowerPower that is always on
B+AC or Battery Power Rail for Power CircuitPower rail for power circuit
BATTBatteryBattery power rail for power circuit
BAT+Battery Power Rail for Power CircuitPositive battery power rail for power circuit
BAT_DRVBattery FET Gate DriverDriver for the battery FET gate
BAT_VBattery VoltageVoltage across the battery
BOMBill of Material ManagementManagement of the bill of materials
BT_ENBluetooth EnableEnable for Bluetooth
CHGENCharge enableCharge enable active-low logic input
CINInput CapacitorInput capacitor for power circuit
CLK_ENClock EnableEnable for clock
CRTCathode Ray TubeCathode ray tube
CSINCurrent Sensor Input, NegativeNegative input for current sensor
CSIPCurrent Sensor Input, PositivePositive input for current sensor
DCDirect CurrentDirect current
DMDIM/DIM Socket/Socket Memory/DDR SocketDIM socket or DDR memory socket
DOCKDocking SocketDocking socket
ECEmbedded ControllerEmbedded controller
EC_ONEmbedded Controller EnableEnable for embedded controller
EMIElectromagnetic InterferenceElectromagnetic interference
ENTRIPEnable TerminalTerminal for enable
FSELFrequency Select InputInput for frequency selection
GATEGateTrigger gate
GPGround PinGround pin
GPIGeneral Power InputGeneral power input
GPIOGeneral Power Input OutputGeneral power input and output
HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia InterfaceHigh-definition multimedia interface
IDContinuous Drain CurrentContinuous drain current
IDMPulsed Drain CurrentPulsed drain current
IINOperating Supply CurrentOperating supply current
IIN(SHDN)Shutdown Supply CurrentShutdown supply current
IIN(STBY)Standby Supply CurrentStandby supply current
ISContinuous Source Current (Diode Conduction)Continuous source current
IVINBattery Supply Current at VIN pinBattery supply current at VIN pin
JPJumper PointJumper point
KBCKeyboard ControllerKeyboard controller
LCDVLCD PowerPower for LCD
LDOLinear Driver OutputOutput from linear driver
LGATELower-Side MOSFET Gate SignalGate signal for lower-side MOSFET
LPCLow Pin CountLow pin count
LVDSLow-Voltage Differential SignalingLow-voltage differential signaling
MBATMain BatteryMain battery
NBNorth BridgeNorth bridge
ODDOutput Disc DriveOutput for disc drive
PCIPeripheral Component InterconnectPeripheral component interconnect
PGOODPower GoodPower good open-drain output
PIRProduct Improved RecordProduct improved record
PSI#Current Indicator InputInput for current indicator
PVCCIC Power Positive SupplyPositive supply for IC power
RSMRSTResume ResetReset signal for resume
RTCReal-Time ClockReal-time clock
SBSouth BridgeSouth bridge
SHDNShutdownShutdown signal
SYS_SDNSystem ShutdownSystem shutdown
SPISerial Peripheral InterfaceSerial peripheral interface
TDDeath TimeDeath time
THRMThermal SensorThermal sensor
TMDSTransition Minimized Differential SignalingData transmission technology
TPTest PointTest point
TPADThermal PadThermal pad
UVLOInput Undervoltage Lock OutLockout in case of input undervoltage
VRail (Power)Power rail
V+Positive VoltagePositive voltage
VADJOutput Regulation VoltageAdjustable output voltage
VALWAlways On PowerAlways on power
VALWPVALW PadPAD for Always on power
VBATBattery PowerBattery power
VCCPPower Chip (ICH, Graphic Chips)Power for chips like ICH, graphic chips
VCOREPower ProcessorPower for the processor
VDDControl Power SupplyPower for control
VDDRPower DDR (VDRAM/VRAM/VMEM)Power for DDR (memory)
VDSVoltage Drain SourceVoltage drain source
VFBFeedback Inputs PowerFeedback inputs power
VGSVoltage Gate SourcesVoltage gate sources
VINInput Voltage RangeRange of input voltage
VINAdapter Power Supply (Vol_in)Power supply from the adapter
VLPower LockPower lock
VLVoltage Across the Load/Tegangan Beban ResistorVoltage across the load
VLVoltage LinearLinear voltage
VLDOINPower Supply of the VTT and VTTREF Output StagePower supply for VTT and VTTREF outputs
VOTVolt_outOutput voltage
VRAMPower MemoryPower for memory
VREFPower References/Schema Reference/Permintaan SkemaPower for references/schemas
VSSwitch PowerSwitch power
VS+Support Voltage PositivePositive support voltage
VSBPower Switch ButtonPower switch button
VSSSignal GroundSignal ground
VSWPower SwitchPower switch
VTTMemory Termination VoltageTermination voltage for memory
VTERMMemory Termination VoltageTermination voltage for memory
VUSBPower USBPower for USB
VGAPower VGA (VGPU/VCVOD)Power for VGA (graphics)
VGFXPower Graphic ChipPower for graphic chip
VREFVoltage ReferencesVoltage references
Laptop Motherboard signal and short code usage

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