CodeRegulator ModelDescription/Notes
DJRT8202AGQWRichtek Regulator
DJ-RT8202APQWRichtek Regulator
DK-RT8204PQW WQFN 3×3-16Richtek Regulator, WQFN 3×3-16
JLRT8204AGQW WQFN 3×3-16Richtek Regulator, WQFN 3×3-16
FRRT8204BGQW WQFN 3×3-16Richtek Regulator, WQFN 3×3-16
H6RT8204CGQW WQFN 3×3-16Richtek Regulator, WQFN 3×3-16
CJRT8205AGQWRichtek Regulator
CKRT8205BGQWRichtek Regulator
CLRT8205CGQWRichtek Regulator
CBRT8205DGQWRichtek Regulator
DTRT8205EGQWRichtek Regulator
MSRT8205LGQW [RT8205AGQW]Richtek Regulator
ENRT8205MGQW [RT8205CGQW]Richtek Regulator
CPRT8207GQWRichtek Regulator
DHRT8207AGQWRichtek Regulator
EFRT8207LGQWRichtek Regulator
J7RT8207MGQWRichtek Regulator
DSRT8223BGQW LDO Output: 70mARichtek LDO Regulator, Output: 70mA
11RT8223NGQW LDO Output: 100mA [RT8223BGQW]Richtek LDO Regulator, Output: 100mA
20RT8223PZQW LDO Output: 100mA [RT8223BGQW]Richtek LDO Regulator, Output: 100mA
EPRT8223LGQW LDO Output: 100mA [RT8223AGQW]Richtek LDO Regulator, Output: 100mA
EQRT8223MGQW LDO Output: 100mA [RT8223BGQW]Richtek LDO Regulator, Output: 100mA
FFRT8208AGQWRichtek Regulator
FGRT8208BGQWRichtek Regulator
H8RT8208DGQWRichtek Regulator
30RT8208EGQWRichtek Regulator
31RT8208FGQWRichtek Regulator
FHRT8209AGQW WQFN-16L 3×3Richtek Regulator, WQFN-16L 3×3
A0RT8209BGQW WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5Richtek Regulator, WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5
A3RT8209EGQW WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5Richtek Regulator, WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5
JXRT8209LGQW WQFN-16L 3×3Richtek Regulator, WQFN-16L 3×3
A8RT8209MGQW WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5Richtek Regulator, WQFN-14L 3.5×3.5
K0RT8209NGQWRichtek Regulator
A6RT8209PGQWRichtek Regulator
ELRT8015ARichtek Regulator
DZRT8113Richtek Regulator
CZRT8561AGQWRichtek Regulator
D9RT9716AGQWRichtek Regulator
C7RT9293-20Richtek Regulator
L8=5ART6256B/C Step Down 3.3v 5.0vRichtek Regulator


  • ISL6236 can be exchanged for RT8206A, PM6686, SN608098, MAX17020e, MAX8778.
  • ISL6237 can be exchanged for RT8206B, TPS51427.
  • ISL6268 is equivalent to APW7138.
  • TPS51117 is a substitute for RT8209B.
  • TPS51116 is a substitute for RT8207.
  • ISL6227 is equivalent to APW7108.
  • TPS51125 is equivalent to RT8205B and UP6182.
  • TPS51123 is equivalent to RT8223M.
  • ISL6251 is equivalent to G5209.
  • P2805MF is equivalent to G5933.

Note: In some cases, TPS51125 and TPS51123 have been exchanged without problems. Only repair the pin 18 to modify. Additionally, ISL6236 can be exchanged for ISL6237, and similarly, RT8206A can be exchanged for RT8206B.

IC CompatibilityInterchangeable ICsCompatibility Notes
MS3UC (3.3V)MS4UG, MS5GE, MS3RW, MS3WE, MS5RM, MS4LD, MS3PH, RF4EL, IR4PFCompatible with listed ICs
RG4QI (5.0V)MT3RH, MT4DH, MT5IB, MT4XA, MT5QBCompatible with listed ICs
TPS51125TPS51125A, RT8205, RT8205B, RT8205BGQW, UP6182, uP6182AGCompatible with listed ICs
TPS51123RT8223P, UP1585QQAGCompatible with listed ICs
TPS51285bCode (3H=2E) Dell E5450Compatible with the specified code
SN0608090ISL6237, PM6686, MAX17020, MAX8778, TPS51427, RT8206BInterchangeable with the listed ICs
TPS511165616A, RT8207, ISL6227, APW7108Interchangeable with the listed ICs
TPS51117G5603RU1U, RT8209B, RT8209A (FH=CG), RT8209A (FH=EE, FH=CC, DD=FH, FH=CL, FH=8J FH=CF)Interchangeable with the listed ICs
TPS51216APW8819Compatible with specified IC (1.35V)
RT8207PRT8207PGQW Code (4B=2B, 4B=2K, 4B=1L, 4B=) (1.35V)Compatible with specified code (1.35V)
RT8208XGQWFF=BK, FG=, H8=, 30=, 31=Compatible with specified codes
ISL88731CHRTZBQ24745Interchangeable with BQ24745
ISL6262ISL6266Interchangeable with ISL6266
ISL6265AHRTZISL6265AHRTZCompatible with ISL6265AHRTZ
ISL6267HRZISL6267HRZCompatible with ISL6267HRZ
ISL6268APW7318Compatible with APW7318
MAX8734ART8203Interchangeable with RT8203
TPS51211TPS51212Interchangeable with TPS51212
ISL62883ISL62882Interchangeable with ISL62882
uP6128ART8202A (Marked DJ-), G5602Interchangeable with RT8202A and G5602
BQ24728BQ24725AInterchangeable with BQ24725A
SN10504SN0608098 RHBRCompatible with specified IC and code
MAX8724EMAX1908 (EF=DE), UP6163AG (1.5V) RAM ICInterchangeable with MAX1908 and UP6163AG (1.5V) RAM IC
TPS51716PTS51216Compatible with specified IC (1.35V) RAM IC
P2805MFG5933Compatible with G5933
ISL6251G5209Compatible with G5209
RT8204BRT8204C, RT8204L (H6=CH, H6=CB, H6=CG, H6=BE, H6=CC, FR=AH, FR=AM, FR= J8=)Interchangeable with RT8204C and RT8204L
ALC660ALC883Compatible with ALC883
W8769W8763Compatible with W8763
J493 (G966-93)RT9018B (DELL VOSTRO 1015)Compatible with RT9018B (DELL VOSTRO 1015)
RT8239CGQWRT8239CGQW jd=de jd=ee jd=db dc=eq jd fj JD=DE JD=EE JD=DB JD JD=DC =DGCompatible with specified codes
RT8243AZQW8A EE 8A EF 8A ECCompatible with specified codes
RT9297GQWEZ=ED EZ=EH EZ=CDCompatible with specified codes
RT8015APQW_WDFN_10Pel=dc 10 pin ELCompatible with specified code
RT8015BGQW / GG=GG=CECompatible with specified code
RT8015DGQW /JO=Compatible with specified code
RT8058 / CB=CCCompatible with specified code

“Why do we need to learn about laptop IC short codes and their compatible IC equivalents?”

LAPTOP IC SHORT CODE COMPATIBLE IC In the context of laptops and integrated circuits (ICs), “short codes” or “compatible ICs” typically refer to part numbers or designations that are used to identify specific integrated circuits on the laptop’s motherboard. These codes are often used for ordering replacement parts, troubleshooting, or identifying components during repairs. It’s important to note that these codes are specific to the laptop manufacturer and model, and they may not be standardized across different brands.

If you have a specific laptop model or a particular IC short code in mind, you can usually find information in the laptop’s service manual, technical documentation, or on the manufacturer’s support website. Here are a few examples of ICs that are commonly found in laptops and might have short codes:

  1. Power Management ICs (PMIC): These ICs handle power distribution and control functions in laptops. Examples include the Maxim MAX17020 (PMIC for battery-powered systems) or the Texas Instruments TPS51125 (notebook system power supply).
  2. Voltage Regulators: ICs like the Texas Instruments TPS51620 are used for voltage regulation in laptops.
  3. Microcontrollers and BIOS ICs: These ICs control the basic functions of the laptop and store the BIOS firmware. Examples include the Winbond W25Q64FW or Macronix MX25L6406E.
  4. Audio Amplifiers: ICs such as the Realtek ALC269 are commonly used for audio processing in laptops.
  5. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): NVIDIA and AMD produce GPUs commonly used in laptops, and their part numbers might be specific to the model.

It’s important to mention that laptop motherboard designs can vary widely, and the same laptop model may have different revisions with different ICs. If you are troubleshooting or repairing a laptop, it’s recommended to refer to the specific service manual or technical documentation for that laptop model.

If you have a particular short code or laptop model in mind, feel free to provide more details, and I can try to offer more specific information.

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